Community Engagement

We understand the importance of partnering with the local communities in which we work. That’s why when operating in populated areas or on land that provides resources to local communities, we endeavor to engage with local communities and work to minimize negative impacts. When working outside the US, we communicate with a variety of host country stakeholders to better understand the issues applicable to our operations. As part of evaluating operating opportunities in a new country, we assess non-technical, above-ground risks, analyzing key demographics, geography, economic standing and outlook, geopolitical relations and political systems, regulatory and fiscal regimes, and political and security risks.
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Supporting Local Communities

Whether working in the US or internationally, we look for opportunities to support local communities. Often, we utilize local suppliers, companies or workers, and we invest in local programs, such as educational and work skill development programs.

As part of establishing support, Murphy conducts social impact assessments in countries where we own working interests. For example, in Mexico the company has established responsibilities that are aligned with regulatory requirements, including regular interface with community members, and built consensus on an approach to improve the overall welfare of the communities impacted by our operations.

In the US and Canada, Murphy employees annually participate in a campaign to raise funds for the United Way. Murphy’s long-term partnership with the United Way began over 50 years ago and has served to increase employee awareness of the needs of their fellow citizens.

Where indigenous people are members of the local community, our actions are guided specifically by our Indigenous Rights Policy.

Passionate About Education

The El Dorado Promise is a unique scholarship program established by Murphy Oil Corporation in 2007. Through a $50 million commitment from the company, the Promise enables graduates of El Dorado High School, who have been enrolled in the school district since at least the ninth grade, to have their college tuition and mandatory fees paid at any public or private, regionally accredited university in the US (capped at the highest annual resident tuition at an Arkansas public university). Because of this special scholarship program, the college enrollment rate of El Dorado High School graduates has surpassed state and national levels.

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Addressing Questions and Concerns

Community stakeholders in the US and Canada can raise concerns or grievances directly to the Murphy Land department, which is responsible for collecting, recording and assessing all community and stakeholder concerns or grievances.

Murphy landowners can reach out to an assigned surface landman or directly to their respective landman with their questions or concerns. The surface land team maintains responsibility for response and resolution, as per OGC and AER public consultation guidelines.

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