We entered Vietnam in 2012 with the award of deepwater Blocks 144 and 145. In 2013, we were awarded shallow water Block 11-2/11 and in 2014, farmed into Block 13-03. In 2017, we farmed into Block 15-1/05. The four PSCs give us a balance between higher risk deepwater opportunities and lower risk shallow water opportunities, similar to the position we acquired when entering Malaysia. We are actively evaluating additional opportunities in the country which we feel is underexplored.


Basin: Phu Khanh
Block: 144 & 145
Working Interest: 65%, operated
Area:  6,550,000 gross acres
Water Depth:  1,000 to 2,500 meters
Prospective for: Oil & Gas
Date of Entry: October 2012

Basin: Nam Con Son
Block: 11–2/11
Working Interest: 60%, operated
Area: 677,000 gross acres
Water Depth: 70 to 90 meters
Prospective for: Oil & Gas
Date of Entry: June 2013


Basin: Nam Con Son
Block: 13-03
Working Interest: 20%, non-operated
Area:  853,000 gross acres
Water Depth: 90 meters
Prospective for: Oil
Date of Entry: 2014


Basin: Cuu Long
Block: 15-01
Working Interest: 35%, non-operated
Area:  760,000 gross acres
Water Depth: 40 to 50 meters
Prospective for: Oil
Date of Entry: 2017