Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The rich experiences and backgrounds of our employees strengthen our company, boost productivity and drive our success. We take a multifaceted approach to promoting workforce diversity, equity and inclusion.
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Hiring and Pay Equity

  • We partner with external organizations to broaden our pool of diversity candidates.
  • We track age, gender, race and ethnicity for all full-time employees to ensure diverse representation.
  • We evaluate base pay equity across the organization by position, with a specific focus on equity across gender and race/ethnicity diversity.

Employee Training

  • Murphy offers a variety of enrichment opportunities and job-related training throughout the year, including in-house, external and virtual seminars and workshops.
  • We offer—and in some cases require—employee training on diversity-related topics such as unconscious bias and creating a harassment-free workplace.

Strategic Partnerships

  • We are exploring partnerships with minority and women-owned businesses.
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